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Anticipating 2021’s Most In-Demand Tech Skills for Your IT Career

by Javier Ceide

June 23, 2020


The technology industry remains one of the hottest fields in America. While COVID-19 had many implications for job seekers across the world, pausing operations for some companies and changing employment markets everywhere, IT skills are always in demand. In fact, as the overall U.S. unemployment rate skyrocketed between January and April of 2020, the IT […]


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8 In-Demand Healthcare Specialties for 2020 and Beyond

by Torey Jovick

June 1, 2020


In South Florida and across America, the healthcare industry has consistently grown for decades. However, it is not immune to repercussions from the coronavirus. Healthcare jobs have declined in recent months, but in a very specific way. Patients are putting off elective procedures and pushing out their non-urgent, regular appointments. However, even in light of […]


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Digital Recruiting During Coronavirus: The Key to Post-Recession Success

by Brad Mete

May 11, 2020


Few companies remain unaffected by the market downturn we’re currently seeing during the coronavirus pandemic. It can be an uncertain time for organizations as they seek to find a way through to the other side of a potential recession. The blueprint lies in answering several questions: Why do some companies make it out of a […]


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Get Help Understanding the Paycheck Protection Program and Access Free Money for Hiring

by IntellaPro & Affinity Resources

April 15, 2020


If someone offered to give you free money that you could use to hire workers with no out-of-pocket costs, wouldn’t you take it? This is happening right now through the Paycheck Protection Program the government recently unveiled.   With lockdowns and closures across the country drastically impacting revenue for many companies, the Paycheck Protection Program […]


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Presenting Your 2020 South Florida Healthcare Salary Guide

by intellapro

March 24, 2020


The healthcare sector is one of the most rewarding in the country. The professionals drawn to work in hospitals, labs, and other medical facilities seek to improve the quality of life for others. It’s an admirable calling, but it’s one that’s difficult to put a price on when determining the right compensation.   After all, […]


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