Where to Find the Best and Easy to Work Jobs in Germany?

by Amy

October 4, 2019


Germany is a great place to work. The country offers many opportunities for employment, and the job market is strong. However, it can be difficult to find a job that is both good and easy to work in Germany. In this blog post, we will discuss where to find the best and easy to work […]


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5 most common drug tests for employment

by Amy


The use of drugs is widespread in our society. In fact, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, about one in every ten Americans aged twelve or older uses illicit drugs. This means that employers have to be very careful when hiring new employees and Seamless Search provides the perfect solution. They need to […]


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What’s Missing from Your New Employee Onboarding Process?

by Ed Daugherty

September 16, 2019


Let’s say you have the perfect recruiting process down cold. It’s helped you land that elusive perfect person for your open role, someone with the right skill set and personality for your organization. Your recruiting team has hit a home run, securing a huge contributor who will stick around for years. Or will they? It […]


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2020 Healthcare Jobs: The Roles and Regions Shaping Your Next Job Search

by Diana Henriquez

August 26, 2019


  You already know that healthcare is a field with many opportunities, but did you know that a staggering 405,000 jobs were added to the sector this year? Last month alone, 30,000 new healthcare roles were added to the U.S. economy, representing 18% of all new jobs. These statistics paint a picture of thrilling growth, […]


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Are You Better Suited to Consulting or Permanent Tech Roles?

by Sean Mahabir

July 30, 2019


Run into any of your peers and the question is inevitable: Are you consulting, or are you perm? Few industries see such focus on that distinction, but tech isn’t like most industries.   Technology professionals like you enjoy an industry with a low unemployment rate and big talent shortage. This creates new and varied types […]


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