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Master Vendor Program

A Proven Solution for Your Business

Small and mid-size organizations face unique opportunities and challenges in today’s market. IntellaPro created the master vendor program as a tailored offering for companies in this position, providing many of the same benefits as our MSP service offering.


As master vendor, we absorb overall responsibility for providing you with temporary staff. All job orders will go first to the master vendor to be filled or distributed to secondary vendors in the program. In this service model, our experts not only provide full lifecycle recruitment for your temporary staff, but also manage the organization’s contingent workforce program with an emphasis on strategic operational excellence, risk mitigation, and vendor management. It’s a proven way to keep your hiring managers focused on their core responsibilities rather than dealing with several different staffing firms.


With this offering, we’re able to leverage our large supplier network to source exceptional talent for your company. At the same time, our innovative reporting dashboards provide enhanced metrics that provide a new window into your workforce. Throughout every action, we adhere to best practices in compliance that keep your company productive and safe.



Benefits of IntellaPro’s Master Vendor Program

  • Single staffing point of contact
  • Enhanced flexibility and scalability
  • Visibility into workforce spend
  • Access to specialized expertise and higher-quality candidates
  • Significant cost savings

  • Improved reporting, metrics, and dashboards
  • Vendor performance management
  • Faster time-to-fill
  • Risk mitigation
  • Diverse supplier network

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