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What Are 2020’s Most In-Demand Technology Skills in South Florida?

by Duane Dowell

February 4, 2020


What area should you specialize in to best progress your IT career? What types of tech initiatives or talent will transform your company?   South Florida’s technology industry is a vast one, so it isn’t always easy to determine where to dedicate your time or money. As certain innovations and skill sets emerge and explode […]


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Introducing Your 2020 South Florida IT Salary Guide

by intellapro

January 20, 2020


How much does a data scientist make? What about a cloud engineer, full stack developer, or solutions architect? These are easy questions to ask, but they are much harder to answer.   After all, most published compensation figures are national averages. While that can be a helpful starting point, the IT hiring managers and tech […]


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How to Get the Job You Really Want?

by intellapro

November 18, 2019


Do you know what you want in a job? Do you want to work for a certain company, or in a specific industry? Are there certain things that are important to you, such as salary, benefits, or hours?then visit Delovno mesto. If you’re not sure what you want, don’t worry – most people aren’t! The […]


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How MyPayrollHR’s Closure Impacted IntellaPro

by Ed Daugherty

October 21, 2019


As you know, IntellaPro and all our employees were recently impacted by the sudden closure of payroll processing company MyPayrollHR. As one of 400 other victim companies and in the spirit of transparency, we wanted to take a moment to share our account of the last few weeks.   It is a standard practice for […]


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