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4 Effective IT Recruiting Strategies for Hiring (and Retaining) Tech Talent

by Bianca Rivera

September 27, 2018


IT recruiting strategies


Proving what IT hiring managers have known first-hand, studies show that tech professionals are the hardest type of talent to recruit for. This challenge can have major ramifications, leaving roles open longer while reducing productivity and making organizational goal attainment difficult at best. For those looking to avoid the pitfalls and alleviate the challenge of recruiting in tech, there are a number of IT recruiting strategies to implement.


1.   Promote Work-Life Balance

For IT pros living in a shifting gig economy, achieving work-life balance is an essential career objective. Consider that 84% of working parents find work-life balance to be the top factor when contemplating a new job, while 69% have left or thought about leaving a role due to a lack of flexibility. Tech is simply a demanding field, requiring long hours with the constant pressure of keeping a vital business function running smoothly.


Luckily, there are several proven ways to make life easier for IT talent and grant them added work-life balance. Consider allowing employees to shift their working hours so they can come in later and stay later or arrive early and leave earlier as their personal schedule requires. Implement a robust PTO policy. If their responsibilities don’t truly require them to be physically in the office every day, allow your employees to work remotely at least part of the time. Finally, simply asking candidates what will help them achieve work-life balance is a refreshing and effective way to show them you are a flexible employer.


2.   Connect with the Community

Technology professionals have a desire to positively connect with coworkers, their community, and the world at large. Provide opportunities for furthering those connections and highlight this aspect of your company’s culture early in the hiring process. Sponsor or host local professional groups to establish an ongoing relationship between your organization and theirs. Encourage and provide membership-fee reimbursement for employees interested in joining industry societies. Create partnerships with local charities and formalize a volunteering schedule for the company as a whole.


In fact, providing Volunteering Time Off (VTO) is a great way to promote the importance of community involvement amongs your employees. Granting employees a certain number of volunteering hours outside of PTO or sick leave means a better balance where charity work doesn’t have to infringe on their nights or weekends. Best yet, 87% of professionals who used VTO found it enhanced their teamwork and people skills while 81% discovered it improved relationships among their colleagues. In other words, not only are candidates attracted to VTO policies, but the policies serve to grow important skill sets.


3.   Create a Contagious Culture

When an IT pro spends 50+ hours at work, they want to enjoy the environment. Only 34% of U.S. workers are engaged in the workplace, and a big reason why is because of their surroundings. A great culture draws people in, makes them excited to start their day, and retains them. While spending millions to copy the legendary cultures of Facebook or Google may be out of the question, there are still lessons to learn from tech behemoths.


Does your current office or workflow invite collaboration? Are cubicles or offices exhausting to sit in all day? Are there amenities that provide opportunities for release? Consider also the way employees get along and if they participate in activities together both inside and outside the office. While golf outings, holiday contests, or team dinners may seem like minor activities, an inclusive culture that makes it easy for new employees to join in provides a big recruiting boost.


4.   Overhaul Digital Branding

Of course, creating an amazing culture but keeping it secret doesn’t improve IT recruiting. Tech candidates need to see it for themselves, and the easiest way to accomplish that is to show off what you’ve got online. Regularly update social media to highlight and show pictures of your latest company or team events. Publicly congratulate employees on anniversaries, birthdays, and other milestones. Be a cheerleader for your workforce and it will serve as a tempting message to candidates considering your organization.


At the same time, think about your overall digital branding. Is your website outdated, or does it appear distorted when viewed on a mobile device? With third-party reviews carrying so much weight, have you taken control of your company’s Glassdoor page? Are you a transparent organization with clear and precise messaging that sets accurate expectations for candidates? Focus on these areas to drive home the idea that your organization is an exciting and authentic career destination.


4 Effective IT Recruiting Strategies for Hiring (and Retaining) Tech Talent

The best IT recruiting strategies help bring candidates through your door, but they also keep tech pros happy for the long run. That’s why offering larger-than-market-value salaries isn’t an effective long-term recruiting strategy. Today’s IT professionals prioritize work-life balance, community, and culture above all else. Align your recruiting efforts with those factors and watch your open roles fill up faster than ever.


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