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Intelligent IT Staffing Services

Tech leaders are under increasing pressure to strategically align IT with business objectives while proving a sustainable ROI. And if that’s not enough to keep your hands full, there’s the additional challenge of a growing technical skills gap amidst massive demand and high competition.


Bring it on


We’ve got you covered. We’re not just providing bodies to fill empty desks and suck up your budget. We’re going all out to genuinely understand your business and nurture the relationships that will help you support and leverage your workforce.


Who do you need? We’ve built a high-caliber network and service offering in the following areas:


At the same time, there are certain industries experiencing greater demand for others. The following sectors are especially reliant on technology, and our service offerings are tailored to them:


Managed Services

Have a blueprint for a project you need completed? Know the resources and deliverables required to make it happen? Then IntellaPro’s managed services are right for you.


We can provide you with the experienced team who can deliver your project on budget and on time. Led by skilled project managers, our teams bring the power of consulting expertise without the big price tag. Not only does this allow you to successfully execute your critical projects, but it adds flexibility to your workforce, improves efficiency, lowers operating expenses, and enhances budgeting.


To secure the specialized resources your project needs, reach out to us here.


Payroll and IC Management

If you have your own candidate, whether they’re a W2 employee or independent contractor, then alleviate time-consuming headaches by payrolling them through IntellaPro. Our service offering is simple: just refer the individual to us and we’ll payroll them at a discounted rate while managing all the necessary compliance. This allows you to reduce processing costs, avoid administrative burdens, improve confidentiality, and streamline governance.


You find the talent you love; we’ll take care of managing them. Contact us to get started.

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