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MSP & VMS Solutions

Rely on Managed Services

The leaders of today’s organizations are tasked with fostering business growth through strategic initiatives. But that objective frequently appears insurmountable when faced with urgent deadlines, mounting pressure to deliver, stringent compliance, tightening regulations, and unprecedented demand for talent.


Achieve your organizational goals while reducing operating costs, improving efficiencies, and increasing revenue when you partner with IntellaPro. With highly skilled, scalable workforce solutions, we’re a single source of world-class support to meet the demands of a diverse client base anywhere, anytime.


Your MSP Solution

A vendor-neutral managed services provider (MSP) program leverages a large supplier network to source the best talent and provide best-in-class contingent workforce solutions at competitive market rates while managing compliance risks. Our subject matter experts and onsite teams collaborate with clients like you to manage the full end-to-end lifecycle of a global contingent workforce, encompassing vendor management, workforce management, payroll and invoicing, and administrative process and reporting. Those who partner with us enjoy full visibility and transparency into their non-employee labor spend, proactive risk mitigation solutions, continuous consultative management, and operational excellence strategies.



Benefits of IntellaPro’s MSP solutions

  • Visibility into contingent workforce spend & headcount
  • Process consistency & efficiency
  • Improved time-to-fill
  • Enhanced talent & candidate quality
  • Better supplier performance

  • Managed program compliance
  • Risk mitigation
  • 8%-15% cost savings
  • Executive dashboard reporting
  • Single point of contact for contingent staff hiring

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A State-of-the-Art VMS Platform

The right VMS software platform is highly beneficial in procuring and managing the appropriate staffing vendors to meet the needs of your organization. We configure and manage the implementation and integration of a high-performing VMS application to aid in the full staffing lifecycle from job creation to onboarding. A VMS centralizes contingent workforce management, compiling temp resources, independent contractors, statement of work (SOW) projects, and self-sourced contractors into a single source-of-record platform.

Benefits of IntellaPro’s VMS Platform

  • Efficient operational management
  • Detailed financial data, controls, and automation
  • Complete visibility into the invoice and supplier payment process
  • Automated, accurate invoicing
  • Reduced AP support costs
  • Rapid supplier payment

  • Real-time reporting and metrics including supplier-specific scorecards
  • Automated order intake and routing
  • Improved, faster candidate selection and management
  • Auditable distribution rules based on an agreed-upon supplier structure
  • Detailed notifications during every step of the process

Reap the rewards of a leading MSP and VMS solution by reaching out to IntellaPro today.

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