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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

What Is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

To put it simply, our RPO services are designed to take the weight of recruiting off your shoulders. In this arrangement, you can transfer all or part of your recruitment process to IntellaPro. Based on our proven expertise, we can implement our own recruitment methods that adhere to today’s best practices, or we can take over your current staff, technology, reporting, and other existing processes. Trusting IntellaPro’s RPO services means that we assume ownership of the management of your recruiting process, including the results. The goal is to provide world-class recruiting that improves candidate quality, lowers costs, and takes burdens off your plate.


Flexible RPO Solutions for Everyone

These industry-leading RPO services are performed under your name, meaning we represent you. Importantly, RPO at IntellaPro is tailored to your needs. Recruiters can sit onsite in your office if you need a physical presence, or they can work from our offices if you need to keep overhead as low as possible.


A highlight of our RPO offering is that you can select the level of service that’s right for your business, a la carte. Whether your business has high turnover, high volume hiring, or seasonal hiring, we can help you in an effective and streamlined way. You can rely on us to manage your comprehensive, end-to-end talent acquisition process, or you can select one or more of the services below.



RPO Services to Choose From

  • Sourcing
  • Recruiting
  • Marketing (job boards, social media)
  • Initial screening
  • Interview scheduling

  • Candidate selection
  • Due diligence and final screening
  • Offer management
  • Paperwork
  • Onboarding


Streamline Your Recruiting

The best recruiting practices should strengthen your workforce. Our highly competent, experienced team can take over any and all aspects of the recruiting process to deliver the results you’re looking for while you can focus on the core needs of your organization. It’s a proven way to streamline your hiring process and build your company brand without sacrificing the competitive edge that sets you apart.


Benefits of IntellaPro’s RPO Services

  • Customized, flexible, and scalable based on your needs
  • Maintain ownership of all candidates
  • Better process consistency
  • Improved candidate quality
  • Faster hiring speed
  • Enhanced compliance

  • Superior accountability
  • Better employee retention
  • Stronger culture fits
  • Increased workforce diversity
  • Easier recruitment analytics
  • Expanded recruitment reporting
  • Reduced recruiting, hiring, and marketing expenses

Ready to select the Recruitment Process Outsourcing services that are right for you? Reach out to us here.

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