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Get Help Understanding the Paycheck Protection Program and Access Free Money for Hiring

by IntellaPro & Affinity Resources

April 15, 2020


understanding the paycheck protection program

If someone offered to give you free money that you could use to hire workers with no out-of-pocket costs, wouldn’t you take it? This is happening right now through the Paycheck Protection Program the government recently unveiled.


With lockdowns and closures across the country drastically impacting revenue for many companies, the Paycheck Protection Program is designed to keep organizations going. $349 billion in forgivable loans are up for grabs for qualifying businesses, with lawmakers considering doubling that amount. If you have 500 employees or fewer, you automatically qualify. If you’re a larger business, then we can help you understand if you qualify by meeting certain SBA guidelines.


Get Help Understanding the Paycheck Protection Program

It’s critical to understand that this is a risk-free opportunity. Most businesses will receive funds that they never have to pay back at all. That means your organization can very likely hire free labor for a period of two months. If you don’t currently qualify for the program due to your size, know that other programs for mid-size company loans are likely on the way.


This is a rare opportunity, and every business that qualifies is encouraged to apply. In conjunction with this program and to help you get through a difficult time, we’re also offering deep discounts on our temporary staffing services. Between the government funds and our offerings, your business can maintain a robust staff at a lower cost than ever before.


We have personal experience in this area and want to assist businesses like yours. For help understanding the Paycheck Protection Program, determining if you qualify, or finding the right lender, contact us today.


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