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Presenting Your 2020 South Florida Healthcare Salary Guide

by intellapro

March 24, 2020


The healthcare sector is one of the most rewarding in the country. The professionals drawn to work in hospitals, labs, and other medical facilities seek to improve the quality of life for others. It’s an admirable calling, but it’s one that’s difficult to put a price on when determining the right compensation.


After all, most published salary figures are national averages. While that can be a helpful starting point, the healthcare hiring managers and professionals getting ahead are the ones who have an accurate view of compensation in their region. South Florida’s healthcare industry is unique. It’s thriving as our population grows and increases the need for services, spurring more organizations to open their doors. This activity is exciting, but it makes answering salary questions even more difficult.


IntellaPro’s 2020 South Florida Healthcare Salary Guide has the answers. As a South Florida healthcare staffing firm, we know firsthand how unique this region is. We’re on the front lines every day, bringing together skilled talent with the organizations in need of their expertise. The area’s healthcare industry is evolving rapidly while market compensation changes from one year to the next. You need the right perspective on salary figures in order to reach your organizational or career goals.


Information is power. The more that healthcare hiring managers and professionals understand about compensation rates, the more effective their partnerships become. This 2020 South Florida Healthcare Salary Guide provides you with specific numbers that can save you from hours of research or extending unrealistic counteroffers. Additionally, the guide shares other insights that can affect compensation:


  • Statistics unique to South Florida’s employment landscape
  • 2020’s biggest trend in healthcare hiring
  • The 10 most in-demand healthcare specialties


While the enclosed figures were calculated before the worldwide health crisis of early 2020, they still represent the most accurate salaries available today. It’s too early to tell where these numbers will go when the crisis is over, so this guide provides the perfect starting point until the dust settles.


Ready to uncover 2020 South Florida healthcare salary figures? Click on the link for your free download.

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