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What Are 2020’s Most In-Demand Technology Skills in South Florida?

by Duane Dowell

February 4, 2020


in-demand technology skills

What area should you specialize in to best progress your IT career? What types of tech initiatives or talent will transform your company?


South Florida’s technology industry is a vast one, so it isn’t always easy to determine where to dedicate your time or money. As certain innovations and skill sets emerge and explode in popularity, others are just as quickly left behind. How can you choose which areas will be most impactful for you?


2020 In-Demand Technology Specialties


To help narrow your focus, begin by considering technology from a high level. Below are six of the most in-demand areas, with a longer list available in our 2020 South Florida IT Salary Guide.



The vast amount of information that passes through any business represents both a problem and an opportunity. Left unattended, data can form silos, clog up systems, and even cause violations when sensitive customer information is not stored properly. However, for those who can properly leverage data, the analytics and insights gleaned can revolutionize processes and decision-making.



Given the number of cyberattacks that make the news, it should come as no surprise that security continues to be one of the most in-demand areas of technology. Protecting against breaches and improving risk management is mandatory at a time when even the hint of a problem is enough to decimate brands with negative publicity. All of this is why Cybersecurity Engineers in South Florida earn an average of $97,079.


Artificial Intelligence

AI has been dreamed about for decades and experimented with for years, but 2020 is the year where artificial intelligence goes mainstream. The technology industry has reached an AI tipping point where the barriers to entry are lower and the benefits are higher, encouraging real-world adoption. Combined with strong data analytics and machine learning strategies, AI can unlock new levels of efficiency for businesses while elevating the careers of IT pros.



With faster internet speeds and the widespread use of smart devices, the Internet of Things has risen rapidly in popularity. Every business has something to gain through IoT adoption, especially when the technology is coupled with other initiatives on this list. In addition to bolstering efficiency for everyone, IoT is especially known for helping companies in certain industries keep track of inventory, better target customers, and increase revenue.



The cloud continues to be one of the biggest initiatives for companies of all sizes. Regardless of where an organization is in the process, there is a lot to consider here, including selecting a public or private cloud, choosing a provider, figuring out the best migration approach, determining how to maintain the cloud, and much more. Senior Cloud Engineers earn an average salary close to $120,000 in South Florida because of their ability to implement the right cloud strategies.



As consumer tech product interfaces improve and competition in IT increases, maximizing the user experience has become a key component of any company’s strategy. Customers are used to the smooth operation of their smartphone devices and now expect the same level of usability in every app, website, or technology product they encounter. By delivering a world-class user experience, organizations are better able to capture and retain customers. That’s why the demand for UX talent is rising, along with salaries in this area.


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Hot and Cold IT Skills in 2020

While it’s great to know which technology specialties are most in-demand, it’s also helpful to take a more granular look at some of the specific programs and skills rising or declining in popularity:


Hot skills on the rise

  • Docker – A key part of DevOps, Docker has surged in popularity due to its ability to use containers to keep an application and any dependencies packaged together and running appropriately regardless of which machine it’s on. Since it improves efficiency and makes modifications easier, Docker is being adopted quickly and the need for talent skilled in it is extremely high.
  • Ansible – As an open-source automation engine, Ansible does wonders for application deployment. Businesses across the world have found it to improve scalability and reliability of their IT environments, and that’s why the need for IT pros versed in Ansible is so great.
  • Azure and AWS – The intense focus on cloud computing has spurred the rise of Azure and AWS to the top of preferred cloud services lists. While these programs have been hot for a while, there is still a shortage of professionals who can harness their power and implement them appropriately.


Cold skills on the decline

  • Clojure – Programmers with a few years of experience will remember when the Clojure programming language hit the scene, touted as part of the future. Today, Clojure is on the decline in market share. While it can still be useful and will likely survive as a niche language, the lack of current demand for its usage makes it the sharpest-declining skill of 2020.
  • Adobe Flash – It used to seemingly be present on every website, and yet Flash has lost its popularity in a hurry. Fewer and fewer web pages rely on flash each year. Considering Adobe has announced plans to stop Flash support by the end of 2020, any skills in Flash will no longer be very enticing on a resume.
  • Windows XP – Microsoft operating systems dominate the business world, which makes proficiencies in the latest versions always a great skill to have. As a result, that means Windows XP expertise is needed less and less. Despite the fact many corporations are slow to update their machines, by the end of 2020 there will only be a fraction of PCs left running XP.

Make Your 2020 Count

The beginning of the year is a great time to evaluate your career or business strategy and make a fresh start if necessary. The above specialties and skill sets are only a handful of the ones you need to consider when deciding your future. Focus on the right areas, and you’ll make 2020 your most successful year yet.


For more information like this, along with detailed IT salaries, download your free 2020 South Florida IT Salary Guide.



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