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8 In-Demand Healthcare Specialties for 2020 and Beyond

by Torey Jovick

June 1, 2020


In South Florida and across America, the healthcare industry has consistently grown for decades. However, it is not immune to repercussions from the coronavirus. Healthcare jobs have declined in recent months, but in a very specific way. Patients are putting off elective procedures and pushing out their non-urgent, regular appointments. However, even in light of […]


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Presenting Your 2020 South Florida Healthcare Salary Guide

by intellapro

March 24, 2020


The healthcare sector is one of the most rewarding in the country. The professionals drawn to work in hospitals, labs, and other medical facilities seek to improve the quality of life for others. It’s an admirable calling, but it’s one that’s difficult to put a price on when determining the right compensation.   After all, […]


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2020 Healthcare Jobs: The Roles and Regions Shaping Your Next Job Search

by Diana Henriquez

August 26, 2019


  You already know that healthcare is a field with many opportunities, but did you know that a staggering 405,000 jobs were added to the sector this year? Last month alone, 30,000 new healthcare roles were added to the U.S. economy, representing 18% of all new jobs. These statistics paint a picture of thrilling growth, […]


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