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Are You Ready for an Exciting Staffing Career in IT Sales and Recruiting?

by Brad Mete

January 29, 2019


Career in IT sales and recruiting

Nobody wants to work in a lackluster industry. For salespeople and recruiters especially, a lot of professional enjoyment comes from being in the thick of the action, working in hot sectors home to innovative companies and highly skilled professionals making a big splash in the world. Today, the IT sector is on fire, with no signs of cooling down anytime soon. Whether you are fresh out of college or are currently inside another industry, there are many reasons why a career in IT sales and recruiting could be right for you.


Kickstart or Revive Your Professional Growth

A major reason why the technology sector is so attractive is because it’s an industry with seemingly limitless potential, and that translates directly to career progression for the salespeople and recruiters within it. Annual IT spending in the U.S. is at $1.5 trillion, and the sector is experiencing sales growth of 18% per year, drastically more than the 6.8% average of other industries.


For those ready to start their career, the sky is the limit when it comes to sales and recruiting. You can jump into a thriving company that loves to train people into their ideal career paths. At IntellaPro, we’ve done just that, having brought in young professionals, trained them into great recruiters, shifted them into account managers, and ultimately made them superstars in the industry.


If you currently work in staffing sales or recruiting in another industry, how does it compare to IT? Do you feel like you’ve plateaued professionally? Many who have thought their careers were stalled found that shifting to similar roles in the technology sector opened the door to continued growth. There’s simply so much opportunity in IT, especially here in Florida, that exciting careers are here for the taking.


Enjoy Tremendous Activity

IT is an exciting sector to be involved with, but not just because of the technological advances you’ll see firsthand. The industry unemployment rate of 2.1% has employers scrambling to fill their open roles. They need help to hire for a number of highly sought IT skill sets, and they need it immediately. As a result, they turn to account managers in IT staffing firms like ours. Rather than fruitlessly chasing clients in another industry and trying to convince them of your services, it can be nice to feel relied upon and trusted as an IT staffing expert.


The recruiting side of technology staffing also enjoys benefits. While there’s a low unemployment rate, IT pros love to change jobs to nurture versatile skill sets. Being in high profile and demanding roles, they don’t have time to conduct a job search. Instead, they rely on recruiters in staffing firms like ours who are connected to some of the best opportunities in the game. Whichever side of the coin you’re on, recruiting or selling in IT staffing provides a fast-paced and refreshing experience where your services truly feel essential to success.


Get Paid Well

While your career progression and overall enjoyment of your work should take priority, it doesn’t hurt that IT staffing account managers and recruiters are some of the best paid. It’s no secret that IT salaries are high compared to other industries. Businesses rely on technology, and they pay top dollar to keep their operations running smoothly and safely. If you’re able to help facilitate that by connecting them with the right talent, it can be very lucrative. Even though there’s already a lot of money spent in IT, it’s expected that in 2019, $1 trillion that was previously spent overseas will be injected into the U.S. market by the top 16 American tech companies alone.


With so much invested in the sector, it’s increasingly more valuable to recruit IT pros compared to professionals with other skill sets. For instance, considering that one of the biggest data breaches ever was just discovered, it’s no wonder that companies are willing to pay whatever it takes to land cybersecurity experts, and the benefits can trickle down to you.


Your Staffing Career in IT Sales and Recruiting

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? At IntellaPro, that’s our goal. We nurture our account managers and recruiters, making sure they are the best in the game while helping them grow the way they want to. There are a lot of potential benefits to working in IT staffing, but they can only be realized in the right environment with the right firm. That’s who IntellaPro is. Will you join us?


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