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2020 Healthcare Jobs: The Roles and Regions Shaping Your Next Job Search

by Diana Henriquez

August 26, 2019


With so much activity in the field, contemplating 2020 healthcare jobs can be daunting. Here are the roles and regions that will impact your career.


You already know that healthcare is a field with many opportunities, but did you know that a staggering 405,000 jobs were added to the sector this year? Last month alone, 30,000 new healthcare roles were added to the U.S. economy, representing 18% of all new jobs. These statistics paint a picture of thrilling growth, but not all healthcare jobs are created equally. If you’re one of the 18 million workers in America’s fastest-growing sector, read on to discover which roles (and states) are seeing the most action and will help your career thrive in 2020.


In-Demand Healthcare Niches for 2020

Ambulatory Care

A whopping two-thirds of healthcare’s job gains this year fall under ambulatory care. This explosive growth is just the beginning as urgent care clinics, surgery centers, and other outpatient environments continue to open at a rapid pace and will do so well into next year. Nursing is a real driver here, as ambulatory nurses grow in demand as these facilities expand.



As the huge number of Baby Boomers continue to grow older, they need more medical workers to tend to their age bracket’s unique ailments and health concerns. Those who work in geriatrics are some of the most satisfied workers in healthcare. They find fulfillment helping an older generation with chronic illness, pain management, rehabilitation, screening for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, and much more.



Registered Nurses are vital players in a number of healthcare areas, and that’s why they are always in demand. Looking at 2020 and the six years that follow, there is a 15% projected growth of RN positions. Nursing specialties in cardiology, oncology, pediatrics, neurology, and even nursing management will be some of the highest in demand.


Home Healthcare

Last month, the home healthcare services niche added 11,000 new jobs. This is the highest rate since 2017 and shows an area that is growing rapidly. As older Americans choose to receive in-home care, home healthcare workers will continue to see opportunities.



There’s a reason pharmacists enjoy the highest-paying non-physician roles in healthcare. America’s opioid crisis often takes the spotlight in news cycles, and this places increasing scrutiny on those tasked with handling our nation’s supply of medicine. Pharmacies, drug stores, and even grocers who fill prescriptions constantly seek excellent pharmacists they can trust.



A diagnosis of cancer can feel devastating, but new cancer centers continue to open up throughout the country. As these facilities advance in patient care, they require radiation therapists who can join the fight against cancer. For those vowing to help beat one of the most notorious groups of diseases, this may be your calling.


Psychiatry and Psychology

The stigma surrounding mental health is fading, and young people especially are more open to discussing their thoughts and feelings when seeking assistance. Unfortunately, suicide rates are increasing at a frightening pace. To address this nationwide epidemic, those who work in psychiatry and psychology are needed like never before.



Healthcare organizations, whether they be hospitals, clinics, or other facilities, rely on a number of professionals who can keep them operating smoothly. After all, traditional healthcare workers aren’t typically the ones answering the phones or balancing the books. Accountants, paralegals, and customer service professionals are needed in droves.


Healthcare IT

While most healthcare positions are being impacted by technology, dedicated healthcare IT workers are required for organizations to thrive in a digital world. Those who can work with patient portals, manage electronic health record databases, migrate processes to the cloud, pull analytics out of patient data, and secure IT environments are crucial to the modern healthcare industry.


Hot Healthcare Regions in America

Healthcare jobs are some of the most in-demand across the country. While many states can lay claim to being a hotbed of hiring activity in the industry, there are a handful of locations that stand out and will rise to further prominence in 2020.



Healthcare jobs in Florida are booming. With 1.35 million workers in the sector, healthcare lays claim to 15% of the entire state’s workforce. Some positions seeing the most activity include pharmacy technicians, psychiatric assistants, and home health aides, but there are opportunities in nearly every healthcare niche.



Montgomery county, a suburb of Philadelphia, is representative of the healthcare employment market in Pennsylvania and across America. In that county, 24% of all job openings are in health care. Notable positions here include nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians and paramedics. In the north part of the state, some clinics are even offering $15,000 hiring bonuses and $7,500 referral bonuses for experienced nurses.



In response to the growing shortage of healthcare professionals, Illinois has enacted new laws to increase opportunities for qualified candidates. Previously, individuals with an arrest record, regardless of the charge, were barred from being employed in the field. Since many of these individuals faced minor offenses, the government has lifted this ban while making it easier for healthcare organizations to carry out background checks. Expect healthcare hiring in this state to increase rapidly.



With the largest population in the country, California naturally requires a tremendous number of healthcare workers. In Southern California counties specifically, 120,000 more jobs exist than a year ago and many of them are in the healthcare field. As more seniors choose to retire in the state (it boasts one of the highest life expectancies in America), watch the numbers continue to rise in 2020.


New Jersey

It’s no coincidence that home healthcare is one of the most in-demand niches. Take New Jersey for an example. Home healthcare nurses here are choosing to work in hospitals over homes, leaving a distinct shortage in the specialty. As legislation in the state seeks to increase Medicaid pay rates for home healthcare nurses specifically, this niche will become more attractive as time goes on.


2020 Healthcare Jobs

Working in healthcare can be physically and emotionally challenging, but it’s a rewarding and exciting industry to be a part of. Your expertise saves lives and keeps people healthy. As you move forward in your career and contemplate the healthcare jobs you might take on in 2020, you’ll find more places and roles in which to apply your passion.


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